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Systek Labs started out over thirty years ago, designing switching power supplies for portable test equipment, RF devices and antennas, analog audio devices and amplifiers, and wireless biomedical electronics ... a plethora of small consumer devices, in fact.

The future, though, pointed to wireless communications and data.  So, armed with a proven background in analog and digital wireline and wireless design and a desire to evolve with the worlds of one- and two-way wireless data, Systek Labs tossed its lot in with the world leader in such technologies and set out into the newly-emerging fields of Paging and Wireless Data.  The Systek Labs crew has been a leader in these wireless fields ever since.

Rob Lockhart
Founder, President, and Chief Consultant
Systek Labs, Inc.
5421 Rose Marie Ave N
Boynton Beach, FL   33472-1009
Phone:     +1.561.734.3467 vCard
Fax:     +1.561.734.5037
Mobile:     +1.561.317.6161
AOL / Y! Text IM:     rlockhart / robklockhart
MSN / Skype Text & A/V IM: / rlockhart



Last Updated: 01 May, 2012